About Us

ZecondZ.com is a business vertical of MUrgency Inc, a US C Corp based in Dover, Delaware, United States of America. 

We procure stock lots, commercial surplus inventory, store returns & overstock items and make it available to consumers at the best deals ever!

We are headquartered in Dover, Delaware, USA with offices in Toronto, Boston, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, London, Berlin, Cairo, Nairobi, Laos, Johannesburg, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Seoul and Tokyo.

The founding team of ZecondZ.com previously founded ZIQITZA HEATHCARE LIMITED, (https://zhl.org.in), the largest ambulance service company in the developing world, AIRPORT ASSIST by MUrgency, (https://AirportAssist.com), the largest airport assistance service network in the world and ZIVANZA QUATERNARY CARE, the largest quaternary care referral network in Asia (https://zivanza.org).

ZecondZ.com is launched by MUrgency Inc., USA. Our investors include leading emergency care and ambulance service companies, founders / promoters of leading tech companies, blue chip financial and technology professionals, leading accelerators and family offices.

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